A page dedicated to the older Shibas, the veterans. This page is for all purebred veteran Shibas from the age of 8 and older.

Scroll down for the rules about this page.



















































































































































































These are the conditions to have a veteran Shiba listed on this page:

1. Only purebred Shibas that are registered by an official kennel club will be listed on the page.
2. Only the owner of the dog can add a veteran.
3. Only notifications by email will be accepted.
4. At least once every 6 months I would like to have an updated message about the dog, about how he/she is doing and if the dog is still alive. With this, a new "fresh" picture of the dog would be very much appreciated. Let the Shiba's birthday be one of the moments to send an update
5. When the dog has passed, please let me know a.s.a.p..

Please, comply with these rules, or else the dog will be removed from the page.
There will be no restrictions on the number of veterans on the page. But for one, which is that the dog must have the age of at least 8 years. Each dog, that is older than the last one on the list, can be added to this page. The list is sorted by age.

The following information has to be send, with a recent picture of the dog:
Name of the Dog (registered)
Call name
Day of birth
Registration number
Name of sire
Name of dam
Name of breeder(s)
Name of owner(s)
Name of your country

The picture will be resized to a height of 450 px , but there are no limitations to the width.


Geert Jan Wagemans