After 8 years, unfortunately, I have made the decision to close the Shiba Veteran Page. The reason is, that hardly ever I receive new entries "veterans" for this list. On several occasions (e.g. Facebook, but other platforms too), I have asked for new entries, resulting only every now and then in a new face on this page. I hardly ever receive an updated picture of the veteran, even when the dog is on this list, already for several years.

Another reason I have closed this page is that not always I get the information when a dog has passed. This resulting in dogs that are ranked in this list, but have passed, and sometimes even a long time ago.

Not always I am informed when someone, who has a dog on this list, changes of email address.

When I have found a solution how to avoid that Shibas, that have passed, are listed here, I will re-open this page.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm, and most kind words about this page. I realize that some of you will be very disappointed, but to you I would like to say: "...hope to meet you again, someday..."

Geert Jan Wagemans