Shows in 2007

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With the anual championship clubshow of the breedclub NVAI came an end to this year's dogshows.

The Clubshow was a very nice day. Meeting friends but also the achievement of very nice results with our dogs. To start with our baby Jaklho Sir Lancelot "Kiyo", who now lives with his big and best friend/brother/uncle "Storm" at Yvonne and Lambert Verver's place. Kiyo was awarded Best Baby and also Best Baby In Show.This may well be the start of a nice show carreer. After that, Kojou No Beni Go Takaoka Kojoudou "Tatsumi" got 1st place in junior class with excellent and Jr.-CAC. In intermediate class it was Jaklho No Katsuarashi Go "Storm" - he was named before - that took 1st place with excellent. And finally, after a small "dip" two weeks ago at Amsterdam's Winner-show, Jaklho Future Road To Avalon "Avalon" did what she almost always does, which is winning best bitch with CAC.

How nice to announce that Tiny and Albert Hensema's Imõto No Matsuri Go Narmenak "Imõto" won reserve Best Bitch and with this win, she finished her Dutch Championship title. She is Sumo's 12th offspring with a Ch. title and we are very proud of this. 36 Shibas were entered and Dr. W. Peper from Germany was judge.
With an upcoming back surgery I hope to return in the show ring (and then hopefully myself with a better movement - LOL) next year and therefore I say: See you all, somewhere in 2008. 

November 24, 2007: Winner-Amsterdam. Mrs. L.K.M. Erhart was judge for the 20 entered Shibas. For us the results were a bit disappointing. Jaklho Future Road To Avalon "Avalon" was 2nd with excellent in open class and Kojou No Beni Go Takaoka Kojoudou "Tatsumi" got 3rd in junior class, also with excellent. As is said: "You can't win them all..." 
This time no pictures, but a few videos where also can be seen "Jaklho Sir Lancelot". He's 3½ months old and one of the "Knights" from Ch. Hi-Jinx Amirah's previous litter. 

After a break of a few months  Jaklho Future Road To Avalon "Avalon" was back in the show ring. And what a return... What she has done so far at every show, is what she did today again, which is: winning best bitch with CAC-CACIB. Winning this she now is Dutch and International Champion. But there was more. Kojou No Beni Go Takaoka Kojoudou "Tatsumi" too did his very best. He won the Junior class and since this was the third time in a row he was best Junior (with rating "excellent") he now is Dutch Junior Champion. A fantastic day! Mr. Ronny Doedijns judged the 11 entred Shibas at this 10th show in Bleiswijk, organized by KC Dordrecht. 

And again.... such a wonderful result by Kojou No Beni Go Takaoka Kojoudou "Tatsumi". He wins the reserve championship ticket (res.CAC) and it was the same male as in Berghem, 2 weeks ago, that beat him. Tatsumi wins his 2nd Junior-CAC and the show was held in Rotterdam on August 26. Judge was Mrs.  E. Haapaniemi from Finland, who judged the 20 entered Shibas.

On August 10, the day he reached the age of 10 months, Kojou No Beni Go Takaoka Kojoudou "Tatsumi" experienced his debute at a Dutch dogshow. The show was in Berghem and the Shibas were judged by Mr. Piet Roosenboom from Belgium. Tatsumi was awarded with the res.CAC. He lost from the male that is ranked #1 (all breed) in the Eukanuba Breedrs Award competition. Tatsumi's 1st place in Junior class gave him his first Junior CAC.

It seems as if there doesn't come an end to the successes of Jaklho Future Road To Avalon "Avalon". Indeed, again she wins the championship ticket and this time it's on June 24, at the Brussels Dog Show. Mrs. Angelica Kammerscheid-Lammers judged the 25 entered Shibas. Avalon is awarded with the title "Belgian Winner" and in the end, she is also chosen Best Of Breed.

And again a fantastic result for Jaklho Future Road To Avalon "Avalon". On May 5, in Germany, at Dortmund's "Europasieger-Zuchtschau", she wins best bitch with VDH, CAC-CACIB and on top of this she is also chosen Best Of Breed. 17 Shibas were judged by Mr. G. Vandoni from Italy.

Each year on Easter-Monday, it's the traditional Easter-show in Leeuwarden. The German judge Mrs. Kammerscheid-Lammers judged the 21 Shibas. This time it was Jaklho Future Road To Avalon "Avalon" that  came along. And as last year, again she won best bitch. With this win she achieved a magnificent result. From the 9 times she has been shown in the Netherlands, she won the championship point (best bitch) all 9 times.

Ch. Hi-Jinx Amirah's wins at the shows are really amazing. The way she won her titles in a rather short period of time is absolutely stunning. Being a sweet, but also a bit shy puppy-girl at the Japanese Specialty in Gent (B.), she matured to become a top-winning bitch with so many championship titles and show titles.

The show in Wieze, Belgium, was held on March 17. Judge was Mr. Kavcic from Slovenia judged the 20 Shibas. Amirah was chosen best bitch and with this win she now is Belgian Champion as well. There were 2 Sumo daughters that did great: Yumenoshima No Shinju Go (owned by Tamara Mouthaan) and Kynoshiki Go narmenak (owned by Joop Postma) won 1st and 2nd in open class with rating " excellent" . Shinju, matured into a wonderful Shiba girl, got the reserve ticket.

This year, our first show was the Rheinlandsiegerzuchtschau in Germany on February 24. Mrs. Petra caspelherr judged the Shibas and Ch. Hi-Jinx Amirah was chosen best bitch. With this win she achieved the title of DCNH Ch. (German Club Champion). Only a few Shibas in the Netherlands have won this title.


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