Shows in 2008

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The year is over and I look back on it with mixed feeling. Because of two surgeries at my back I was not able to show dogs this year. This hasn't always been easy to accept, I have to admit. Not knowing what 2009 has in store for me, as it is showing dogs concerned, I do hope to finish Kojou No Beni Go Takaoka Kojoudou "Tatsumi's" Dutch championship title. He only needs one more championship ticket.
On the other side I am extremely proud and happy with the results achieved by Jaklho Sir Tristan "Shogun" and  Jaklho No Akatsukihime Go "Suki" . Both Bas and I wish the Dhondt family and Gladys Mueller the same amount of success for next year and therefore we say "cheers! and good luck in 2009..."

A new champion! On November 29 and 39, in Zagreb, Croatia, Jaklho Sir Tristan "Shogun", owned by the Dhondt family, won the "Middle Eastern European Cup". By winning two days in a row the international championship ticket 'CACIB', he won the titles "Zagreb Winner" and "Hrvatski Prvak", which means: Croatian Champion. 
The judges that were responsible for this success are Mr. Vibor Jezek and Mrs. Jadrancka Miyatovic, from Croatia. Both days Shogun was Best Of Breed.

Last week, on October 20, Jaklho Sir Tristan "Shogun" won Best Of Breed at the Cambrai dogshow in France, under judge Mr. M. Jouanchicot. Then, on October 27, he won the CAC (Chalenge Certificate) and BOB at the in Utrecht International Dogshow, where Mr. J. Meijerink judged the 14 entered Shibas. Meanwhile, Shogun has won enough CAC's to be considered for the title of Dutch Champion. However, this title can not be won by any dog under the age of 27 months. Therefor Shogun (and his owners) need to wait a while for him to reach this age.

On September 14, at the dogshow in Zwolle, under judge Mr. M. Shutt from England, Jaklho Sir Tristan "Shogun" owned by Bea and Freddy Dhondt, took his third 1st excellent in junior class. With this he has won the title of Dutch Junior Champion, an official title acknowledged by the Dutch Kennel Club. But there is more. Shogun also won best male at this show and won the chalenge certificate: CAC. Shogun now has won enough CAC's for the title of Dutch Champion, if not dogs need to have reached the age of 27 months to get this title. Congratulations the the whole Dhondt-Family: Bea, Freddt, Montana and Kenzo.

In America, Jaklho No Akatsukihime Go "Suki", owned by Gladys Mueller is doing great. Some may also know her as "The Princess". She already won points at shows, but then she had to dedicate herself to her maternal tasks. Now she is ready again to show her beauty. Last weekend she won points on both Saterday and Sunday and both days she took the breed (Best Of Breed). Although I don't know her in person, I am very grateful to handler Tammy Szabo, who does a fantastic job in handling Suki and get the best out of her..

Shogun's successes continue... Last week, at a show in Lommel, Belgium, he was Best Of Breed. This weekend, on June 14, again he was Best Of Breed, winning his first championship ticket (CAC) and also the junior-CAC. The show was in Hulten, organized by KC de Baronie. Judge was Mrs. Ineke Zwaartman-Pinster, who judged the 20 entered Shibas. In the ring of honour Shogun took a group-5. Many congratulations to the Dhondt family!!!

A truly magnificant success for Jaklho Sir Tristan "Shogun" by Bea and Freddy Dhondt at the Le Touquet dogshow in France on May 31. Under judge Mr. M. Médard-Ringuet he took Best Of Breed and he got Group-1 (Best In Group) under judge Mrs. S. Dereu. Only 9 months old and already a Group-1 added to his name. Fantastic!!

After winning best puppy several times, it was about time for  Jaklho Sir Tristan "Shogun" to begin the "real work". In France, at the championship show in Senlis, Shogun won Best Of Breed and Group-3 under judge Mr. M. Delente. A great win for this young dog and we say: "congratiolations" to Bea, Freddy, Montana and Kenzo.

Babies turn into puppies! This handsome young guy: Jaklho Sir Tristan "Shogun", owned by Bea and Freddy Dhondt, was chosen Best Puppy at the La Louvière Dogshow in Belgium. Judge was Mr. Piet Roosenboom (photo) and the show was held at march 22.

At the Flanders-Dogshow in Gent, Belgium, on February 23,  Shogun again was Best Puppy. Judge Mr. M. Claude Voilet was very excited about Shogun

Due to some physical problems, I am not able to do any dogshows at this moment. Luckily there are others that live up to our reputation... What about Jaklho Sir Tristan "Shogun", owned by Bea and Freddy Dhondt from Belgium? It was at the Dutch Clubshow that it was obvious he needed some "ring attitude lessons". Well, our Belgian friends succeeded with glance. On January 27, at the Mouscron International Dogshow, Shogun won res. Best-Baby-In-Show (all breed). A wonderful achievement.


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