Shows in 2013

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The 2013 show year is over. It has been a great year with many highlights and a few disappointments. All in all, looking back at this year, it was a good year. What did our dogs win?: a new Junior Champion, a new Dutch Champion, and the show titles Europasieger, German Club Champoion, Dutch Club Winner. And finally  Qulaification for Dog Of the Year Show.
At the last show: the K.C. Noviomagum's Christmas Show, under judge Mr. Rony Doedijns, Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket "Keeper" was awarded with res. CAC and res. CACIB. Then driving home and enjoying a nice winterstop.
We had a wonderful weekend in Amsterdam. For the first time a "double" show, which meant "The One-Day show" on Friday, December 13th, followed by "The Winner show" on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket "Keeper" and Jaklho Keep A Song In Your Heart "Guy" didn't do much at The Winner, but at The One-Day show, where Guy was entered, he achieved a very nice Best of Breed under judge , mr. Erwin Manders, who was invited to judge the 17 entered Shibas. An exhausting weekend, but certainly also a very nice weekend. Amsterdam almost always brings "new" Shiba people to meet, which makes The Winner a fun and special show.
Now one more show to go in 2013...
It was a great fun-day: Saturday, November 9th in "Dogcenter Zaltbommel" in Kerkwijk. Nippon Inu organized its  championship-clubshow, where the Norwegion Mr. Pedersen (living in the Netherlands) was asked to judge the 54 entered Shibas. What a great entry, so many Shibas together on one day! The Shiba judging began with three little guys in the baby class. Jaklho Walk With Me "Kitai" by Maryline and Frederique (from Hillock Snowy Shiba's) was placed 1st. In the intermediate class, Jaklho Keep A Song In Your Heart "Guy" was  also placed 1st and in champion class Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket "Keeper" was placed 3rd. After lunch the ladies babies were to show up in the ring. As with the males, here also three babies and our Jaklho I'll Never Find Another You "Kizzy", like her brother, was placed 1st. When it came to best baby of breed, Kitai could take credit ...
Guy did a great job, because he was send home with the reserve CAC.
Another great day for us on November 2. At K.C. Dordrecht's International Dogshow in Bleiswijk,  Jaklho Keep A Song In Your Heart "Guy" won CAC-CACIB and also got Best Of Breed. Mrs. Leila Karkas from Finland was invited to judge the 11 entered Shibas. She also judged group 5 and she awarded Guy with a group-4.
Bleiswijk-Dogshow appears to be our "lucky-show". Sumo, Amity, Amirah, Avalon, Keeper and now Guy, they all won BOB in Bleiswijk.
We had a busy weekend, but a fun weekend too. On October 9, at the Bundessieger Zuchtschau in Dortmund - Germany, judge Mr. E. Deutscher gave Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket "Keeper", who was shown in champion class, a 3rd place. Two days later, the Dutch Akita/Shiba Club (N.V.A.I.), one of the two breed clubs in Holland, organized her annual championship clubshow. In a tough champion class, Keeper got the 1st place. But... in the intermediate class Jaklho Keep A Song In Your Heart "Guy" was placed 1st, then he was chosen best male and finally got awarded as Best Of Breed. Mrs. Jos Dekker judged the 35 entered Shibas. Win this win Guy is now Club-Winner 2013 and he also qualified for Dog of the Year-show, which is held on February 23 in "De Flint" in Amersfoort.

In Brussels, Belgium Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket "Keeper" won the champion class and CAC towards his Belgium championship title. Mr. O. Mayer from France judged the 10 entered Shibas.


September 7, Shiba Club Deutschland e.V. organised her "2013 Clubsieger Schau". In Erkelenz, Mr. Christen Lang judged the 14 entered Shibas and Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket "Keeper" was chosen best male and best Of Breedz, winning the title of Clubsieger 2013. With some very nice prizes and a German championship point we drove home to Dordrecht in a very good mood.


On August 3, in Leuven, Belgium, Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket "Keeper" achieved CAC-CACIB under judge, Mrs. Ineke Zwaartman-Pinster. Since I couldn't travel to the show myself, Wilma van der Meer was so kind to take Keeper with her and to show him there. Thank you so much, Wilma!

In Oss, on May 31, for the 3rd time in a row, Jaklho Keep A Song In Your Heart "Guy" won the junior class. With this win he achieved the title of Dutch Junior Champion and he also gained his first CAC. The 17 entered Shibas were judged by Mr. B. Webb from England and Gianne van Veghel, who showed Guy, did a fantastic job in the ring. Thank you Gianne!
Jaklho Keep A Song In Your Heart "Guy" won for the second time 1 excellent in junior class. The show was in Arnhem on May 18 and Mr. R. Jarmans judged the 17 entered Shibas .
It's been a while since we went to Dortmund... Two shows and Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket "Keeper" did a fantastic job. At the "Europasieger Zuchtschau, under judge, dr. W. Peper, Keeper won CAC-CACIB, best male and Best Of Breed, of the 17 Shibas that were entered. With this win Keeper won the nice title of "Europasieger 2013". My dearest friend Helle Röschard showed Keeper and she did a more than fantastic job, which very well can be seen in the video.
Dogshow-Goes was held on April 21. After  being shown in puppy class, Jaklho Keep A Song In Your Heart "Guy", was now shown in junior class for the first time. Judge Mrs. Berri Beare from Ireland gave him the 1st place in this class.
KC De Kempen on February 2. And here he is...: Our new Dutch Champion Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket, W.'12 "Keeper". Judge Mr. Piet Roosenboom was invited to judge the 24 entered Shibas. He gave res.CAC-res.CACIB to Keeper and with this he has meet the requirements to apply the title of Dutch Champion. We are so proud of our beautiful little fellow.

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